true blood season 6 life matters sookie 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 9 recap 'Life Matters': Here comes the sun

With so much craziness happening in the penultimate episode of “True Blood” Season 6, what is there left to happen in the finale? The Vamp Camp was defeated, Terry Bellefleur was laid to rest and, though Jason Stackhouse opted to let Sarah Newlin escape unscathed, there doesn’t seem to be much plot left to tread this season.

There are two big storylines left to resolve: Where did Eric Northman go, and what will happen with Sookie and Warlow. To deal with the latter first, Sookie did renew her promise to Warlow to spend forever with him. That means we could be looking, at long last, at Sookie becoming a vampire in the Season 6 finale.

As for Eric, it’s hard to pinpoint where he could be heading. There’s no question that vengeance is in full control of Eric, but it’s unclear what exactly that means. Who is there left to get revenge on? Is there somewhere he can go to honor Nora? Or is there some other unfinished business he’d like to resolve now that he’s saved vampirekind as we know it?

true blood life matters bill jessica 'True Blood' Season 6 episode 9 recap 'Life Matters': Here comes the sun

With Season 7 a guarantee, it will be interesting to see how Bill responds to completing Lilith’s mission. It doesn’t seem like she or her three naked blood-covered followers are done with Bill, but his decision to remain undead at least seems like he’s done being their earthly vessel. That could very easily backfire, as we’ve seen time and again that Lilith prefers to get her own way.

Though Terry died three episodes ago, it was nice to see him get such a touching sendoff at long last. Todd Lowe returned in a series of flashback sequences that show moments with Terry we’ve never seen before — including, adorably, a moment when he fell in love with Arlene at first sight. His storyline with “True Blood” seems well and truly completed after this episode, and we’re sad to see a character with such heart go.

Hopefully the Hep V storyline came to an end in this episode, as it seems like Eric had his vampire lackeys destroy the contaminated Tru Blood shipments that were already distributed. But it will be interested to see how their time in the sun affected the vampires who did survive the Camp. Because fairy blood acts like a drug for vampires, will they become obsessed with finding Warlow (and Sookie, if she becomes vampire) to try to replicate the in-the-sun experience? Or will Bill be able to create a new fairy synthetic blood that allows vampires to walk in the sun? After all, with all the contaminated Tru Blood destroyed, it’s worth noting that there’s still no new synthetic blood product to distribute to the starving vampire population.

With Season 6 winding to an end, we’d like to take this moment to catch up on the characters who haven’t had as much time in the limelight. Ginger lived through the Vamp Camp (yay!) while Tara’s mom showed up at Terry’s funeral (boo). We also had to say goodbye to Steve Newlin (again) this episode, as he met the sun and dissolved into a nasty puddle of goo. Newcomers Violet and James are still alive and still relevant, while Alcide seems to have reverted back to his good-guy mode after acting villainous for a season. Then there’s Hoyt, who got a brief shoutout in “Life Matters” when his momma said he’s dating again and seems to be happy.

So maybe there are some happy endings left to be given on “True Blood,” and hopefully that’s what the season finale will focus on. But considering the cliffhanger ending at the end of Season 5 leading into Season 6, don’t be too surprised if you’re left on the edge of your seat at the end of next week’s “Save the Population” as you wait to get bit again in 2014.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz