true blood season 6 finale ratings 'True Blood' Season 6 finale ratings down, Season 7 still on the way

“True Blood” might have gotten a makeover in its Season 6 finale, but it didn’t draw the massive amount of viewers it was likely hoping for. The HBO vampire drama was down not only from its Season 6 premiere, but also from the Season 5 finale.

Despite its six-month time jump, the defeat of Warlow and the cliffhanger ending, “True Blood” averaged 4.1 million viewers total when “Radioactive” aired on Aug. 18. The show brought in 4.5 million viewers for its Season 6 premiere. Between the two airings of “True Blood” on Sunday night, it brought in more than 5 million viewers, which is still down from the Season 5 finale’s combined ratings of 6.3 million viewers.

HBO already renewed “True Blood” for Season 7, which will see Brian Buckner return as showrunner. But should that be the show’s final season? If “True Blood’s” ratings keep slipping, maybe it would be better for those in charge to plan out the show’s true death instead of waiting for HBO to stake it.

Season 7 is slated to premiere in 2014.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz