'True Blood' Season 6 premiere recap: 'Who Are You, Really?' offers more questions than answers

With Stephen Moyer directing the Season 6 “True Blood” premiere, “Who Are You, Really?,” it was fitting for the episode to kick off from exactly where Season 5 left off, albeit from Bill’s perspective. Still, anyone hoping for any sort of answer of who “Billith” really is in this episode was likely left sorely disappointed.

In fact, “Who Are You, Really?” felt like less of a premiere and more of a continuation of the big questions set up in the second half of Season 5. There are now more questions than answers about post-Lillith Bill floating around, and even with the reveal of Rutger Hauer as Warlow, the audience is still left clueless about what he is.

If anything can be said for this season premiere and the introduction of new showrunner Brian Buckner, it’s that at least all of the many characters in “True Blood” seem to be being drawn back together. Everyone seemed to have his or her own storyline in Season 5, but thus far in Season 6 there seem to be only a few main storylines. Of course, those could diverge farther down the road, but for now there’s the question or who or what Billith is to uncover, the threat of Louisiana governor Truman Burrell to combat and the ever evolving mystery of the Stackhouse-murdering vampire Warlow to resolve.

All of those plotlines are at least being slowly moved forward here. While Billith seemed like the ultimate evil at the end of Season 5 and even in the pre-opening credits moments of the Season 6 premiere, it’s later revealed that he might not be all bad. In fact, Sookie and Eric might have completely misjudged post-transformation Bill, which means their tactic of “stake first, ask questions later” probably was for the worst. Bill does have new powers and can’t die the way vampires normally can, but thus far he does seem to mostly be the Bill the audience has come to know over the past five seasons.

Jessica, as always, was the one person who stood behind Bill, even though she saw him at his worst in Season 5. It remains to be seen if her faith in Billith is all for naught, though his intentions for keeping her around seem for the best. He asked her to make sure he doesn’t go power mad, though it remains to be seen if that’s a request with any possibility of success. After all, the final scene of the episode showed three Lillith-type creatures absorbing themselves into Bill without his consent. How that changes him, what it means for the idea of Lilith as the vampire god and whether this takes away Bill’s remaining sense of self are yet to be seen.

As for Burrell, it’s unclear what exactly his motivations as Louisiana governor are. Promos for this season seem to imply that he’ll be the next big bad, but thus far he hasn’t acted too terribly, all things considered. Though he issued a decree enforcing a vampire curfew and ordering the closure of all vampire-owned businesses, he also partnered with the makers of Tru Blood to start creating more of the synthetic blood to appease the vampire population. This doesn’t feel like the start of a vampire-human war now, but Burrell’s intentions could change, or he could just be playing the Tru Blood manufacturers.

 'True Blood' Season 6 premiere recap: 'Who Are You, Really?' offers more questions than answers

Warlow’s appearance felt like more of a tease than anything else. Of course the sketchy older man who Jason got a ride from and proceeded to spill his life story to was going to be the same vampire the Stackhouses are trying so hard to find. But the reveal that Warlow was the progeny of Lillith adds a nice twist to his threat, and also is an easy way for the Warlow/Billith storylines to tie together. Now all someone needs to do is realize that Jason is acting strange for a reason, and maybe his extreme anti-vampire sentiments can be resolved sooner rather than later.

In the secondary storylines, it was revealed that Luna actually did die from her final shift into a human body, but will she stay dead for good? It seemed almost too easy for her to die off and leave Sam alone to care for Emma, so maybe there will be a twist.

As for Andy and his batch of half-fairy babies, those newborns didn’t stick around for very long. After a cute scene between Andy and Arlene where Andy talked about how he wasn’t prepared for fatherhood, Sheriff Bellefleur awakes to find himself faced with a pack of toddlers instead of day-old children. If Maurella’s pregnancy could go from inception to birth in one week, it seems fair to assume that her children will grow at a rapid rate as well.

Alcide’s two scenes as new packmaster felt tacked on as an excuse to show some nudity, and thus far all that was seen from his storyline this season was that he’s got a spitfire girlfriend in the form of Ricky. Hopefully the werewolves get drawn into some of the other storylines this season, but the werewolf plot could ultimately just be about Alcide also not having power corrupt him as a leader of a pack.

Lastly, there’s Tara and Pam. Their romance isn’t all sunbeams and roses despite their kiss in the Season 5 finale, and it seems like Pam is going to do her best to resist Tara’s advances. Ever since Eric severed his tie with Pam, he has been growing closer to Nora and Pam isn’t taking well to it. Hopefully she gets over it quickly, because her naggy, too-aggressive behavior in this episode didn’t do justice to the Pam audiences have come to know and love. Having her and Tara finally find comfort in one another as the world falls apart behind them would be a nice resolution to two long-suffering characters.

There’s some promise in the storylines introduced this season, and it’s nice that Season 6 feels to be a bit more focused overall than Season 5. Hopefully that remains the same going forward, and Sookie gets over her desire to resume her normal life pretty quickly.

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Posted by:Terri Schwartz