true blood adina porter season 7 'True Blood' Season 7: Adina Porter made series regular for final season

“True Blood” is going to be keeping Tara’s mom around a lot more as the HBO series heads into its final season. Adina Porter, who has been playing Lettie Mae Thornton since Season 1, was just upped to a series regular for Season 7.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, but doesn’t say how Tara’s alcoholic-turned-religious mother will be involved on the show. At the end of Season 6, Lettie Mae made amends with her now-vampire daughter by allowing her to feed on her. It could be that the pair remains close in the Hep V-infected world that Season 7 will be set in.

It’s clear that “True Blood” is heading in a very different and dark direction in its final season. The end of the Season 6 finale showed the entire town of Bon Temps upended with Sookie and Alcide as a couple, Sam as the mayor and Eric goodness knows where. In that crazy new world, it’s no surprise that Tara and Lettie Mae could finally make amends despite the fact they’ve had a continuously toxic relationship over the past six seasons. Maybe some characters actually will have happy endings on this show after all.

Also upped to a series regular in Season 7 is Bailey Noble, who plays Andy Bellefleur’s half-fairy daughter Adilyn. One former “True Blood” cast member who’s given the plan for Season 7 his stamp of approval is Rob Kazinsky, who says, “I think it’s incredibly brave what they’re doing — finishing in their strongest position and leaving a legacy behind for people to really treasure the show.”

“True Blood” Season 7 will premiere on HBO in 2014.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz