true blood season 7 episode 2 i found you hbo 'True Blood' Season 7, episode 2 recap: 'I Found You' has an Eric surprise

After a rocky Season 7 premiere, “True Blood” started hitting its groove again in its second episode, “I Found You.” The HBO fantasy series is winding slowly towards its end by playing up fan service and flashbacks while contrasting them with just how changed the show has become.

In an attempt to find the kidnapped Bon Temps residents, Sookie, Alcide, Andy, Sam and Jason head to a neighboring town. There they discover that Hep-V vampires have cleared out the entire population, and that everyone who lived there is either dead or taken to be later fed on. The best moment of the episode comes when Sookie finds a diary of a girl who fell in love with a vampire just like she did with Bill. That girl’s story ended poorly, so the question is whether Sookie’s is fated to end the same way.

Alcide gives Sookie an out, offering to just drive away from Bon Temps with her and leave all the madness behind them. But this isn’t the story of Sookie and Alcide, and she can’t bring herself to leave. As much as she may love him, it’s Bill she turns to for help at the end of the episode, and it’s Bill and Sookie’s story that’s being told.

Meanwhile, Tara’s storyline doesn’t seem to be as over as it at first appeared when she died in the premiere. Turns out Lettie Mae actually is having weird V-induced Tara visions, and it sounds like Tara is trying to tell her something, though it’s impossible to make out what she is saying. At least Rutina Wesley has something more to do this season than fight for a half a second like she did in last episode.

The fates of our favorite vampires aren’t looking too bright. Something strange has happened with Jessica’s arm, and it didn’t heal after she bit it to give Adalind some of her blood. Then there’s Eric, whose location is finally revealed at the end of the episode when Pam finds him. As it turns out, he somehow got infected with Hep-V. Could the disease be spreading to every vampire? Does that mean all hope is lost for them as a spcies?

That’s something the citizens of Bon Temps should be happy about, as apparently they all have gathered together to fight the Hep-V vamps on their own terms while their law enforcement is off doing their jobs. It still is frustrating to watch them all act like such mindless masses, and “I Found You” ends up humanizing the Hep-V vamps more than the townsfolk. The social commentary seems to be that the people leading a witch hunt are worse than those who are being hunted, but the statement the show is trying to make hinges on where this storyline leads.

Also we’d be remiss without mentioning the jaw-dropping opening scene from this episode, which finally saw a payoff for Jason drinking Eric’s blood. Fans desperate for some Jason-on-Eric sex, you finally got what you were asking for. True to the end, right?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz