'True Blood' Season 7, episode 5 recap: 'Return to Oz' has true love take center stage“True Blood” Season 7 started off rough, but after episode 4‘s redirect back to the heart of the show, its recent episodes have been pretty fantastic. “Return to Oz” again focused on the characters “True Blood” fans love to love as the series put their relationships back on the right track.

It’s no secret that James was totally not right for Jessica, just like Violet is the wrong lady vamp for Jason. Though cheating on their significant others is not the proper way to remedy bad relationships, thank goodness James finally hooked up with Lafayette, which meant Jason and Jessica could get it on — and get it on they did.
Jessica is clearly the best girlfriend Jason’s ever had. Though that look on Violet’s face means she’s out for blood in the future, she at least was respectful enough of Jason and Jessica’s true love-level romance to not interrupt their long-anticipated hot, steamy chair sex. “Return to Oz” involved a lot of soul-searching for a lot of characters, and hopefully Violet realizes she and Jason are not right for each other so that he can happily be with Jessica (finally).
Also moving forward in the romance department were Andy and Holly, as the bumbling sheriff proposed to the good-hearted witch. That nipped Adilyn and Rocky’s relationship in the bud, but that’s likely for the best. Meanwhile, sparks seemed to be flying between Arlene and the sexy vampire who Terry told her to move on with at the end of last week’s “Death Is Not The End.”
Not making happy strides forward were Sam and Nicole. Though she is very, very pregnant with his child and they are engaged to be married, she is one character who does not belong in Bon Temps, and she knows it. This puts the couple at an impasse, as she will likely want to return to her home and her family. Either their relationship is doomed, or that maybe they’ll both end up leaving town. Sam might do better starting fresh somewhere else, and leaving to create a new life with his family would be a nice end to his series arc.
While “Return to Oz” largely focused on a party thrown at Sookie’s house to help everyone cope with their loss, particularly the loss of Alcide, the episode also sowed the first seeds of a rekindled romance between Bill and Sookie. They were very far from loving one another at the beginning of Season 7, but with other romantic ties out of the way their connection is coming to the forefront again. Whether you believe these two are soulmates or not, it seems inevitable that they will be together by the end of “True Blood.”
Despite the fact that the Sookie/Eric romance was the saucier of her two love triangle options, it’s nice that showrunner Brian Buckner realized that Eric’s true love is actually Pam. Sure, Eric and Pam’s relationship is platonic (and that had better not change), but these two are definitely soulmates. Their journey to find Sarah Newlin fortunately did not last long, but still allowed the deep level of their affection to shine through after a rough couple of seasons for them.
Death continues to be a theme of “True Blood” in its final season, though the fact that these past few episodes have lingered on the aftermath of great loss ironically has given the show a renewed life. It’s a welcome change that “True Blood” is prioritizing its characters over its zany plot. 
That being said, now that both Bill and Eric are infected with Hep-V, there better be some cure found before the end of the series. Those are two losses it will be hard to stomach.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz