true blood season 7 episode 8 bill dead cure hbo 'True Blood' Season 7, episode 8 'Almost Home' recap: Bill, are you serious?Vampires can live forever, but for Vampire Bill, it seems it’s time to die.

That’s at least what the cliffhanger finale of “True Blood” Season 7, episode 8 “Almost Home” would have viewers think. And with only two episodes left until the show’s series finale, chances are that’s enough time to say goodbye to Bill instead of convincing him to live.
Is that what all of the very repetitive flashbacks to Bill’s Civil War-era human life were all about? Did he already have the life he wanted, and there’s no hope for that in the future — as evidenced by his flash-sideways to Sookie holding a child of darkness?
Whatever his reasoning for not wanting to take Sarah Newlin’s blood as a cure, it’s annoying to everyone involved. Sookie, Jessica and likely even Eric and Pam won’t let Bill go without a fight, as they’ve proven time and again in the past.
But maybe it is time to let him go, for the audience at least. The real question is: Who is Sookie without Bill? That’s not to say she can’t live a life on her own and flourish, but for so long, whether she realized it or not, her life has been entwined with his. Just like he would be less without her in his life, she is less without him. That’s why the show always comes back to them together.
Could a possible “happily ever after” for them involve Sookie becoming a vampire? Though there’s a chance Sookie would make that sacrifice for Bill, it’s doubtful that this iteration of Bill would let her. Instead, it seems more likely that Bill will ask of Sookie the same thing ghost Tara asked of Lettie Mae: Let me go, and live your life without guilt.
That would be the sort of bittersweet ending that “True Blood” would give its seemingly star-crossed lovers, just like Kristin Bauer van Straten promised. It also is the type of ending that all the other characters on the show are getting, like with Tara moving on to the afterlife, and Jessica’s post-glamor run-in with her first love Hoyt Fortenberry.
In two weeks, “True Blood” will meet its maker in its series finale. Would you be upset if Bill’s afterlife ended with the show? We’re still deciding.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz