true blood season 7 alcide joe manganiello hbo 'True Blood' Season 7: Joe Manganiello thinks Alcide is the 'smartest choice' for Sookie

“True Blood” fans were thrown for a loop when it was revealed at the end of Season 6 that Sookie wasn’t dating typical choices Bill or Eric, but rather had chosen her werewolf crush Alcide as her beau instead. Since Season 7 picks up right where Season 6 left off, fans can expect Alcide and Sookie to still be an item leading into the final season.
Zap2it spoke with Joe Manganiello, who wouldn’t say that he thinks Sookie and Alcide are meant for each other — but he did acknowledge that he’s the “smartest choice for her in the long run.” When viewers meet up with the couple again, Manganiello teases that “they’re playing house.”
“I think Alcide is such a good guy and the smart choice, I guess,” Manganiello says. “He was the one who never hurt Sookie the way the other vampires had, and really always had, I think, her best interests at heart. That made me happy to see that.”
Just don’t expect happiness to last very long. “Nobody stays happy in Bon Temps for too long,” Manganiello teases. “If everyone was happy, there would be no drama. It’s going to get crazy, and there’s going to be a definite wrap up of all the storylines on the show going all the way back to Season 1. I’m curious to see how fans react.”
Whether Sookie winds up with Alcide at the end of the series or not, Manganiello will always know that his character is the favorite choice of “The Southern Vampire Mysteries” author Charlaine Harris.

“Charlaine Harris, when she was interviewed once, they asked her what super-powered creature she would want to end up with, and she said a werewolf,” he recalls. “You get to be with someone who’s super powered and — I’m paraphrasing — but [she said] something to the effect of ‘You get to wake up next to someone with warm feet as opposed to cold feet in bed,’ which I thought was really funny. I tend to agree.”

“True Blood” Season 7 premieres on Sunday, June 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz