true blood tara death pam kristin bauer van straten hbo 'True Blood' Season 7: Tara's loss informs Pam's journey, says Kristin Bauer van Straten

Warning: Spoilers from “True Blood” Season 7, episode 1 “Jesus Gonna Be Here” are contained in this article.
“True Blood” Season 7’s premiere episode kicked off with the true death of one the series’ main characters: Tara Thornton. She survived death once by being turned into a vampire, but she was officially killed off with the Hep-V vamp attack on Bellefleur’s.
Though fans didn’t get to see the reaction of Tara’s maker, Pam, the tough-as-nails vampire certainly will be affected by Tara’s death. Kristin Bauer van Straten tells Zap2it that losing her progeny and former lover will influence Pam’s Season 7 journey.

“I think that it informs a lot of Pam the rest of her season,” Bauer van Straten says. “She already chose to go look for Eric over staying with her progeny at the end of last season, but she didn’t imagine that she would die. But she did abandon her, and I think that only ups the stakes for Pam, because now she really has to find Eric, she has no one else left.”

Even with Tara gone, she won’t be forgotten by Pam. “We’ve only seen two people in seven years that matter to Pam, and Tara became one of them,” the actress who plays her says.
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Posted by:Terri Schwartz