rob kazinsky true blood season 7 'True Blood' Season 7: Rob Kazinsky admits show 'ran out of ideas'

Rob Kazinsky might not be joining “True Blood” for its seventh and final season, but he at least has a good idea of where it’s going. The man who portrayed Warlow opens up in a new interview about the direction “True Blood” is heading for its swan song.

“[Showrunner] Brian [Buckner] made a choice very early on of what we were going to do next season. We lost half the cast this year, so we’re going back to having one storyline and everybody under the same roof and making it a more familial unit,” he tells Radar Online. “That’s absolutely the right way to go so this entire [sixth] season was about getting there. That’s Brian’s dream and what he’s doing is brilliant for the show.”

Kazinsky says he knew about halfway through Season 6 that the show would be ending with Season 7, though it wasn’t confirmed until HBO made the announcement after this most recent season finished its run. Still, Kazinsky says this is the end goal Buckner was always heading towards — and that it is the right way for the show to go out.

“It’s very important — shows can outstay their welcome, you can run out of storylines. I think that happened with ‘True Blood’ over the last couple of seasons — they kind of ran out of ideas and now they’ve got an idea again and they’re trying to finish stronger than ever … which they’re going to do next season!” he says. “I think it’s incredibly brave what they’re doing — finishing in their strongest position and leaving a legacy behind for people to really treasure the show.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz