When “True Blood” enters its seventh and final season this summer, not all of its characters will come out alive — or still undead. Zap2it spoke with Ryan Kwanten while he was promoting his new movie “The Right Kind of Wrong,” and he says some big surprises are in store in Season 7.

We asked Kwanten about the return of Anna Camp’s Sarah Newlin. Though he says Jason Stackhouse and Sarah haven’t had a Season 7 scene together yet, he expects that to happen before filming ends.

“There will have to be something, I dare say,” Kwanten says. “Some more favorite [characters] are going to appear, and some more favorites are actually going to be on the chopping block.”

Though Season 6 ended on a bit of a series reboot, Kwanten says Season 7 will harken back to earlier seasons. Because the show is coming to an end, he says the actors are all filled with “a certain sense of nostalgia.”

“It’s definitely still the show that you remember and, hopefully, you love. There’s a certain sense of nostalgia that’s kicked in for all of us shooting this year, too, so we’re really trying to give it everything it’s worth. So far the scripts have been phenomenal. We’re sort of a third of the way through, and there’s a real energy to it,” he says. “I sort of hope that it has emotional resonance as much as it does; sort of the shock value and things like that.”

Watch the rest of our video interview above to find out more about Kwanten’s role in “The Right Kind of Wrong,” who his favorite of Jason’s girlfriends are and whether he knew what Alan Ball intended for “True Blood’s” finale. “The Right Kind of Wrong” is currently available on VOD, and is having a limited release on March 14.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz