true blood series finale sookie bill together hbo 'True Blood' series finale: Should Bill and Sookie end up together?With “True Blood” coming to a close on Aug. 24, the biggest question remaining in the finale is not whether the cure for Hep-V will actually be released untainted or whether Sarah Newlin will meet the true death, but rather whether Bill will decide to cure his disease and have a future with Sookie.

“True Blood” began as the story of Bill and Sookie, and it’s fitting that it’s ending with their relationship at its core as well. But their romance has come far from those early days of flirtation, and both characters have matured and moved away from one another. After Bill’s speech to Eric in Season 7, episode 9 “Love Is To Die,” it makes sense why Bill thinks Sookie would be better off without him.
And, honestly, she will be. “True Blood” isn’t “Game of Thrones” by any means, but it’s still not a show where characters get a fully happy ending. Sookie and Bill have tried the romance thing many times, and now they have so much baggage between them that it is very unlikely a long term relationship would ever work.
That’s not to say Bill doesn’t love Sookie the way he says he does. In fact, the former couple probably have the second strongest bond of love between them on the show, with Eric and Pam taking first place. Those trials and tribulations that have made a happily-ever-after relationship impossible also have made them closer than ever. But like Jessica loving but not dating Jason, so Bill and Sookie can have that depth of caring without being an item.

There was once a time where the obvious end for “True Blood” was Bill turning Sookie into a vampire and the pair living an undead life together. But after seven seasons, it’s clear that’s not the ending these characters should have. Bill should find his peace, and Sookie should find a life beyond Bill. 
Relationships have always proved to be shackles for Sookie Stackhouse, and the happiest ending she could have would be to stand on her own two feet as an independent woman and live her life without being dependent on a man, vampire or other manner of supernatural creature. The fact that Bill has come to terms with that already means that he really could be her soulmate, even if he doesn’t end up with her.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz