One of the few complaints about “True Detective” Season 1 was its lack of well-developed female characters. Case in point was Rust Cohle’s girlfriend Laurie (Elizabeth Reaser), who only appeared in one episode (“The Secret Fate of All Life,” episode 5) before it was revealed that she and Cohle broke up.

Turns out much more of Laurie was filmed for the HBO drama, but it had to be cut for time. In a deleted scene released by Variety, viewers learn the true reason the couple broke up: Cohle didn’t want to have more children, underlining his pessimistic outlook on the world at this point in the show.
It’s clear that this is a deal-breaker for Laurie, and considering where “True Detective” goes after their split, it’s probably a good thing they weren’t together. But who knows, maybe glass-half-full Cohle has a chance for happiness and a family again in his future.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz