true tori episode 3 dean mcdermott tori spelling 'True Tori' episode 3: Jennie Garth appears; Dean breaks down in therapyOn the latest episode of “True Tori,” Tori and Dean continue to work on things in therapy, with both admitting how insecure they really are regarding their feelings for each other.

But first! Tori heads out to an event thrown by her long-time friend Jennie Garth. Tori’s excited for her first grown-up night out in a long time, and you’d have to think Tori and Jennie are both excited about the “Mystery Girls” mention on the show.

Later, in their first therapy session since Dean returned home, Tori admits that she has always been worried that she’s not enough for Dean sexually and that feeling has reared its ugly head again in the wake of his cheating on her.

Meanwhile, Dean says he always feels inadequate next to Tori because he’s not glamorous and “Hollywood” enough to be her husband. Therapist Dr. Wexler assigns them the task of writing letters to each other, with Tori explaining her feelings to Dean and Dean apologizing to Tori.

Part of the problem is the sex life wake-up call they received after having kids, which is that you aren’t going to have sex as often as once you have kids. Seems like a no-brainer, but this is kind of revelation to them. Tori certainly feels like they lost each other once they started having kids.

“I need to change. I am on the verge of losing everything that means anything to me in this world, my wife and my family,” Dean tells his friend Wolf before he sits down to write his letter to Tori.

But even with the letter-writing exercise, they are still very tense around each other, with a small spat starting over a fairly innocuous comment Tori makes about Dean’s sauce. That spirals into a discussion about Tori being too lenient with the kids sleeping in her bed and Dean having a problem sleeping in a twin bed as a grown man.

Tori takes some umbrage with that (as she should) because they all got used to sleeping together in her bed with Dean gone. She also admits that she liked having her kids close and that maybe she’s not over needing them to there. Dean wants his bed back, but hey dude — if you cheat, you gotta earn that.

When it comes to the letters, they both kind of wuss out. Tori doesn’t write anything about her feelings now, while Dean’s apology sounds fairly hollow. But he breaks down as he says he feels so ashamed, since while he was sleeping with someone else, Tori was taking pictures of their kids for him at a Christmas party.

Below, watch Carnie Wilson discuss Tori and Dean on “The Talk.” She’s a friend of theirs and says, “Right now, Dean is facing the demons that have been haunting him forever. He’s starting to deal with this now, he got proper help. When he shared his pain with me, he told me horrible things that he’s feeling about himself and I thought, you know what? I’m going to be the one person to hold his hand through this. We need to help people that are not well. I’m going to be the one person to hold his hand.”

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