dean mcdermott tori spelling true tori episode 4 'True Tori' episode 4: Will Dean leave Tori again for 'Chopped Canada'?When we last left Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott on “True Tori,” Dean was freaking out during a therapy session. We pick things up at said session, with Dean managing to “come back” from the edge he was apparently teetering on.

Tori doesn’t trust that Dean’s actually OK, she thinks he’s putting on a front, but Dr. Wexler says he is stable enough to continue and this is all a part of the healing process. Dean then kind of demands that Tori tell him when she’s going to believe that he’s OK — tomorrow? Two days from now? etc. — which is kind of bossy of him. She’ll believe when she believes, dude.

Later, a conundrum comes up for Tori and Dean because he is asked to return to host “Chopped Canada” Season 2. It’s a big opportunity, but it’s also the place/job where he was when he cheated on Tori. Dean’s sponsor Wolf says this is his chance to redeem himself, so he has to do it. We’ll see how Tori feels about that. Dean says, “I have to do it, it’s only fair to ‘Chopped Canada,'” but is a TV show really what you need to feel beholden to? What about being fair to your wife? She has every right to balk at this decision, especially since in addition to the cheating stuff, this means Dean will be gone for over two months at the time they’re trying to work on their marriage.

And guess what? That’s exactly how Tori reacts. Dean keeps using the phrase “man up,” which is really annoying. You know what is “manning up”? Not cheating on your wife. And now you should be begging her to let you do this, not getting confrontational about how you have to do this and it’s not really up to her. That’s not how a marriage works.

The next day, Tori comes home to find out that Liam never went to school that day because Dean couldn’t deal with Liam’s unruly hair and his needing a haircut. Um, what? And after they fight about it, Dean wonders if he even wants to be in his marriage anymore. Dude, grow up. You took your kid to get a haircut instead of taking him to school.

In their next therapy session, the “Chopped Canada” job is a main topic of discussion and it’s Tori’s turn to be passive-aggressive — “I’ll live in fear, but don’t call your manager, no, you can go, but I don’t want you to go,” blah blah blah. But all of these issues make Tori and Dean head to Patti, a Reiki therapist. It’s non-traditional treatment.

The first thing out of Patti’s mouth is, “Was it a bad thing that happened or was it the best thing that happened?” Tori agrees that this has forced them to work on their marriage. Well, there is that.

In the end, Dean is for sure going back to Canada. He makes Tori a homemade sushi dinner as an apology, which is admittedly a nice dinner. It looks delicious. It’s also their first adult time since Dean has been back, which is a big step. But because this is Tori and Dean, they spend like five minutes arguing about whether you’d put lavender massage glide on your “personal areas.”

Hey, some people really like lavender.
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