tori spelling true tori episode 5 'True Tori' episode 5: Tori and Dean's screaming confrontation leads to a good family momentThe latest “True Tori” episode Tori and Dean get into a bit of a screaming match about their relationship and then they hash out some intimate issues in therapy.

The big focus of the episode is that as Tori and Dean continue to work out their issues, Tori has a bit of a breakdown in front of the kids because Dean is leaving again for “Chopped Canada.” It devolves into a huge confrontation between Tori and Dean where more and more feelings get laid bare, including Tori screaming about how her fairytale is ruined and there’s no happy ending anymore; and Dean crying and wailing at Tori that she is the love of his life and she has to forgive him.

It’s hard to watch and honestly, if this show is fake then hand over the Oscars because it’s pretty brutal.

Later, Dr. Wexler advises Tori to tell her kids (at least the older two) about what is going on because they probably know more than Tori thinks they do anyway.

So Tori and Dean sit down with Liam and Stella and talk about things. They don’t bring up the cheating thing, of course, but they talk about Dean being away in rehab and how lonely and sad the kids were. Tori keeps encouraging the kids to share their feelings because she says that’s how you feel better. It’s actually a great conversation and a nice family moment on the show.

However, that family moment is quickly erased by the next couple’s therapy session, where it turns out Dean had resentment before he cheated on Tori because they weren’t intimate before he left for Canada — except he means literally right before he left, while Tori is like, “We had sex two weeks in a row before you left and I did things I’ve never done before!”

Use your imagination for whatever that means. Dean ends up storming out of the session because it has gotten so frank about their sex life.

When he comes back, Tori still wants to know details about the night he hooked up with the random woman in Toronto, particular why Dean had sex with the woman on two different nights. Tori also says that while she might be able to forgive, she can’t forget — she feels like what Dean did will always be hanging over her and that’s no way to live.

We know that as of the airing of the episode they are still together, but at this point, it sure sounds like Tori is having some doubts.

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