true tori episode 6 finale 'True Tori' finale: Dean tattooed Tori's name on his privates. Huh.This week on “True Tori,” Tori Spelling has to come to terms with her husband Dean McDermott leaving to film “Chopped Canada.”

The first big issue is getting the kids back into their rooms because while Dean was away in rehab, the kids were sleeping with Tori in her big bed. Apparently she’s ready to let Dean back into the bedroom because Liam and Stella have to sleep in their own rooms (though they aren’t happy about it).

Meanwhile, Dean is yelling at paparazzi members and Tori is suffering from migraines, which probably has something to do with the fact that Dean is about to leave for Canada for “Chopped Canada” Season 2.

One of Tori’s airhead friends advises her to make him sign a contract that says if he cheats or drinks again, he gets nothing, but it’s unclear if she means money or custody or what. It’s dumb. But it does lead into Tori divulging the tidbit that Dean has her name tattooed above his penis. That is … weird. Sorry, but it is.

Anyway, later in therapy the “Chopped” thing comes up and Dr. Wexler can barely contain her disbelief that Tori and Dean decided “together” that Dean would leave his family and his wife again right in the middle of all of this to go host his reality show again.

Of course, he’s agreed to go and he has a contract, so Dean and Tori could be facing a lawsuit if he pulls out. Tori understands that, but part of her still really wants him to choose her and their family. She’s also fairly hurt that it seems like Dean almost wants to leave. She wants him to at least offer to stay and eventually, he does offer that.

And that’s really all Tori wanted — for Dean to at least express that him staying is an option and to put them first. So she agrees that he should go host “Chopped Canada.” It’s an emotional goodbye when Tori and the kids see him off at the airport.

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