turn season 1 episode 10 finale jamie bell amc 'Turn' Season 1, episode 10 recap: 'The Battle of Setauket' is the least of Abe's worriesThe “Turn” Season 1 finale, “The Battle of Setauket,” was more about the aftermath of the battle than the fight itself. The entire life Abraham Woodhull built for himself has burned to the ground, and now he has been reborn solely as Mr. Samuel Culper. 

It’s interesting that the actual Battle of Setauket wasn’t the climax of the episode. Instead of the finale hinging on the fate of the town that’s been “Turn’s” main setting, it instead was all about the fate of Abe. And his fate, as it turns out, lies in the hands of his wife Mary.
Though Abe’s one true love is Anna Strong, it’s hard to deny that he has some love for his wife and the mother of his child. Abe turned away from his family for his spying venture with Caleb and Ben, and in “The Battle of Setauket” that came back to bite him in the behind. Mary isn’t as blind as he treated her, and she isn’t one to idly let a traitor move by in her midst — even if that traitor is her husband.
But more than being angry at Abe for turning on the British, she seems upset about the fact that she wasn’t privy to his spying. That’s likely where her jealousy towards Anna lies as well; she’s angry Abe considers his former fiancee to be the most trustworthy instead of her. The second Mary had to step up after the death of Baker, her stance toward Abe completely changed. She is on the inside now, and she knows “how to clean up a mess.”

That relationship is going to be fascinating to explore next season, and honestly, it’s the one of Abe’s we’re most invested in at this point. As great as Abe and Anna are together and as much as they might be right for one another, this is not the place or the time. Though Anna might have left Selah for the sake of the “cause,” it really was for Abe, and that is going to backfire. Selah is a loose cannon, and losing his wife for Abe isn’t going to rub him right.
Speaking of loose cannons, Simcoe finally went off his rocker in the finale, and as horrifying as it was, it also was very cathartic. He is a mad dog, and now Hewlett knows it too. Unfortunately, those insults Simcoe hurled at the Major will probably stick and transform Hewlett into someone not quite as forgiving in Season 2.

As for Abe, he’s been flip-flopping between being a spy and swearing off that lifestyle all season, but finally he identified himself as Mr. Culper in the finale. Here’s hoping he sticks to that next year and focuses on being Washington’s much-needed spy.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz