turn season 1 episode 2 amc 'Turn' Season 1, episode 2 'Who By Fire' recap: The game gets too dangerous

More spies enter the fold in “Turn” episode 2, “Who By Fire,” and Abraham Woodhull quickly realizes he is in over his head.
An ambush in Connecticut leads off the second episode of Season 1, and what Abe and Anna Strong thought was a success actually puts them into the line of fire. The attack draws the attention of Robert Rogers, who is perhaps the most dangerous person Abe has to face. After all, it’s Robert who is the most aggressive fighter in the Tory ranks we’ve met, and he is the leader of his own group of spies.
Then there’s also the murder of British officer Captain Joyce to worry about. Though Abe’s father Richard doesn’t suspect his own son, he does believe Anna is the murderer. That means it’s up to Abe to protect the woman he loves, especially once Robert comes to town and gets involved.
Though Robert doesn’t get to the bottom of the Connecticut ambush, he does resolve the death of Captain Joyce. It turns out Joyce was having a tryst with another man in Setauket, and it was that man who killed him. Abraham discovers this and brings Robert with him as his backup, though Robert ends up placing the blame on the company drummer, whom he kills. He then proceeds to turn the murderer of Captain Joyce into his own spy, while Abe awkwardly watches the exchange behind him.

So now there is another spy in Setauket, and still one yet to be discovered there. After all, as Ben and Caleb have repeatedly noted, someone is feeding information to Major John Andre from their hometown. Abe thinks this makes the situation in Setauket too dangerous for Anna to continue being a part of the spy ring — and he’s probably right, though she doesn’t seem to think so.
Meanwhile, Ben and Caleb’s capture and torture of Simcoe is ultimately futile, and leaves them both in trouble. He gets taken away from them, which means he is still out there as a threat to the two men as well as to Anna and Abe. Robert is still clued into the fact that there’s something rotten in Setauket, and if he talks to Simcoe it shouldn’t take long for him to connect the dots.

Then there’s John Andre, who seems to have recruited another spy in the form of a woman he was sleeping with. It remains to be seen how she enters into the fold, but with three known spies and one mystery one roaming around — and only one on the side of the rebels — the odds aren’t looking very good for Abe.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz