turn season 1 episode 3 amc 'Turn' Season 1, episode 3 'Of Cabbage and Kings' recap: Abe torn between Anna and familyIn the third episode of “Turn” Season 1, it becomes clear that the war between the Revolutionaries and the Tories is not as black-and-white as it might have at first seemed. The rebels seem to be at the disadvantage in the fight, and now not only have to worry about the King’s men, but also betrayals within their ranks.

Ben finds that out the hard way when some of his militia mutiny against him. During his journey to be court-martialed and to bring Simcoe to New York, the men hear that General Washington lost a battle. Seeing Caleb ride off on a secret mission on Ben’s behalf is enough for them to decide their on the losing side, and turn against their own commanders.
It doesn’t turn out well for the mutinous militia, but it’s not much better for Ben. His tactics aren’t acknowledged by his superior even though they are what got the pair out of the mess they were in. Worse, he sees the boy he got to trust him murdered in front of his eyes. Maybe Ben’s expectations of wartime strategy are naive, but it’s understandable that he would be disheartened by the fact that his side isn’t behaving much better than the other.
The same can be said for Abraham, who accompanies his father to New York on a business trip. While there, he helps his father negotiate to sell their hogs to a Tory military man, and actually does Richard Woodhull proud. But then he finds out that his father is also negotiating to sell Anna’s husband’s cabbage before he even acquired it, which turns Abe’s stomach. 
Perhaps Abe originally considered ditching his “double life” by taking the trip to New York, but seeing his father’s behavior seemed to have changed his mind. Instead of ignoring the spy life, Abe does some digging and finds out key information about a group of mercenaries being moved by the British to Trenton, NJ — something that Caleb is very happy to find out about.
Meanwhile back at Setauket, Mary thinks she realizes what is going on between Anna and Abe. Mary confronts Anna and says she’s OK with the two of them having an affair as long as they keep it under wraps, but finding out not only that her husband isn’t having an affair but that he did used to be engaged to Anna seems to be more off-putting to her. Now that Abe is back in New Jersey, there is bound to be some trouble in his home life.
And that does seem to be what is most important to him. Richard applauds Abe for the way he’s raising baby Thomas, and his son seems to be Abe’s primary focus. Of course, the spy life does seem to keep taking him farther away from his wife Mary, so hopefully he doesn’t get so entangled in the spy ring that he loses sight of why he joined to begin with.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz