turn season 1 episode 4 eternity how long amc 'Turn' Season 1, episode 4 'Eternity How Long' recap: Can the Loyalists be tamed?Abraham Woodhull had his faith in his decision to spy restored when Major Hewlett led the biggest desecration of Setauket yet in
“Turn” Season 1, episode 4 “Eternity How Long.” While Abe tried to get his father to stand up to the major for the sake of the town and its people, Judge Richard Woodhull not only did Helwett’s dirty work but also got the townspeople to side with him by applying to their love (or fear) of God.

To try to prepare against the rebel attach Hewlett is convinced is coming, he decided to gather all of Setauket’s gravestones to build defenses around the town. This of course upset the townspeople, notably Richard. The judge’s attempted solutions to make the angry residents of Setauket see why they needed to give up the stones of their dead loved ones to the British failed, and Abe tried to play upon his father’s doubts.

For Abe, his dislike of the British occupation led him to become a spy for the rebels. But Richard is a very different person, and Abe’s attempt to convince him to side with the town instead only gave him the solution to making them understand Hewlett’s plan. The look of anger and disappointment on Abe’s face when his father dug up his brother Thomas’s grave as an example could not be masked, though Abe should learn to be more careful with showing that kind of emotion.

This, of course, is exactly what the British want. As Hewlett says, “This is how you tame a colony: Not through battle, but through winning their hearts and minds.” Hopefully Abe counters in his own way by finding and sending some new key information to Ben and Caleb.

Those two are having enough trouble of their own just getting their information to General Washington. As they won’t give up Abe’s identity, his reports kept getting discarded until Ben found a way to disguise them under falsified information. That proves successful, and considering General George Washington will be introduced next week, it seems they manage to catch his attention.

Meanwhile Major John Andre is trying to build up his own opposition to Washington in the form of General Charles Lee. Andre used “Iris,” the lady spy he’s training, to draw in the rebel general, who John suspects is his spy that is giving up information. Of course, it’s actually Abe who found that information and passed it to the rebels. Andre’s master plan is to have Lee replace Washington, and then have Lee be an instrument of the Crown who orchestrates the States’ surrender.

It’s a bold plan, and one history at least tells us will fail. But it’s only a matter time before Andre, arguably the most dangerous person in “Turn,” realizes the rebels have their own spy. Once his eye is turned on Abe, our hero is in for a world of trouble.

Beyond Abe’s problems with his father, he also continues to have problems at home. Mary played upon Abe’s love for Thomas by trying to seduce him, saying she wants to give their son a brother. But Abe’s emotional conflict over his spying (and likely his continued interest in Anna) prevent him from following through with Mary. Could that be what prompted her to spill the beans about the gravestones to the townswomen and thus get Richard in trouble? Maybe, so there could be much more spunk to Mary than it at first seemed.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz