turn abraham woodhull anna strong sex amc 'Turn' Season 1, episode 8 'Challenge' recap: Anna grows desperateAnna Strong and Abraham Woodhull have made a huge mistake. In “Turn” Season 1, episode 8 “Challenge,” the spying couple consummated their sexual tension after in a move both will ultimately come to regret.

The romantic relationship between Anna and Abe is something that has been building since before viewers met the characters on “Turn.” But Abe married Mary and Anna married Selah, and despite all the other factors at play, their honor to their significant others has always held them away from one another.
Except, in a ploy to ensnare Ben Tallmadge, Robert Rogers switched the statuses of Samuel Tallmadge and Selah Strong. Now “Samuel” is alive (but actually Selah), and “Selah” is dead. In “Challenge,” Ben confirms the identity of Selah as Samuel as a way to invalidate Rogers, but he also fully transforms Selah into his new role.
It’s going to be difficult for Selah to regain his identity, but inevitably Anna will learn that her husband actually is alive. And when that happens, she is going to be really, really angry with herself for having sex with Abraham the same day she thought she discovered Selah was dead. Obviously Anna has had feelings for Abe far beyond his breaking of their engagement, but this was the wrong move.

And what about Mary? With her out of sight, both Abe and Anna also put her out of mind. She has more strength than either has given her credit for, and she will not rest easy once she learns of her husband’s consummated infidelity. This passionate, rash decision can only cause more problems for Setawket’s two best spies going forward.
Also not the right call was having a disagreement over spying tactics at the home of John Andre. Though he didn’t seem to pick up on their strange behavior — after all, he has no context for either of them — Andre is a very smart man and a very good spy. It wasn’t the smartest move to identify themselves to him, especially since Abe’s little stunt at the end didn’t win him any favors with the British military leaders.

With two more episodes left in Season 1, chances are the ripple effects of these decisions will pay off. At least Abe got the information he needed from Andre’s black book, but chances are Andre will remember exactly which two suspicious Loyalists took it from him.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz