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In AMC’s Revolutionary War-era espionage drama “Turn,” Heather Lind plays Anna Strong, a Long Island wife and tavern keeper who becomes embroiled with the Culper Ring, the infant America’s first spy network.
She talks to Zap2it about inhabiting a woman from a distant time, in an unfamiliar situation.
Zap2it: What was it like, the first time you saw yourself in the 18th-century garb of Anna Strong, the tavern keeper, wife and member of the Revolutionary War Culper Ring of spies?
A: It was like looking at a painting. When I first saw myself, it was surreal. The costumes have evoked a lot in me.
Zap2it: Has it made you think more about that period in history?
A: It’s definitely made me want to go back and revisit the information that I wish I’d absorbed in school about these situations. I think it’s made me realize how important they are and also about being a little more grown-up in understanding how complicated life and how complicated circumstances can be.
It’s interesting to look back and see, in the worst scenarios, how people behaved and what decisions they made. I think some of the most important stuff about this show is that little decision that somebody decides to make.
When you see so much is at stake, and you’re not sure, what makes you say, “I’ve no choice. I have to change.” That’s something that everybody has to think about. It’s a terrifying thing.
Because then they think that whatever’s to come can’t be worse than where you are now. “If I have nothing else to lose” … I think these people were there.
Q: What has playing Anna taught you?
A: Any amount of power you have, you can change your situation. You can risk something to do something.
Posted by:Kate O'Hare