ana trujillo mug shot TV host Ana Trujillo kills boyfriend using her stiletto heel   report

Houston TV host Ana Trujillo is charged with murdering her boyfriend Alf Stefan Andersson by using her stiletto heel. According to police, he suffered “at least 10 very serious puncture wounds to the back of the skull, and to the head and neck.”

Trujillo’s argument is that she struck back at Andersson in self-defense. Lawyers are currently gathering evidence to try to piece together what caused Trujillo to kill her University of Houston women’s health issues researcher boyfriend.

Authorities tell People that Trujillo and Andersson were drinking tequila at Bodega’s Taco Shop on June 9 when he became angered by another man trying to buy her a drink. When the couple returned to Andersson’s condo, he reportedly also became angry over her plans to see her daughter from another man. Trujillo claims that Andersson “was attacking her and grabbed her hair and neck,” though officiers didn’t notice any injuries on Trujillo.

Trujillo’s attorney says he thinks she suffers from battered women’s syndrome. “This doesn’t seem like something she would have done without provocation, without some sort of triggering mechanism,” he says, though he admits that he doesn’t know what specifically could have prompted Trujillo to attack Andersson.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz