Whatever you did on New Year’s Eve, you could never share the shame and regret comedian Jamie Kennedy must feel after hosting the glorious train wreck otherwise known as local L.A. station KDOC’s live countdown show.

Thanks to a tweet by astounded comedian-actor Patton Oswalt, a video montage of the telecast’s glorious gaffes has become a YouTube sensation.

The holiday special — and oh my, is it ever special — featured appearances by such D-listers as Shannon Elizabeth, with performances by F-bomb droppers (uncensored, like all the other profanity) Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and a very, um, bubbly Macy Gray.

The video opens with Kennedy onstage, scruffy and bewildered, searching for his crew. We know this because his mic is live when he asks, “Where’s our camera guy? Where’s our stage manager?” — only to be yelled at by the producer: “Jamie, don’t talk into the mic, we can hear you!”

Meanwhile, other off-camera hot mics capture different conversations, including a guy yelling, “Come on, dude, don’t f***ing give me s***!” and a random conversation “Fairly Odd Christmas.” (Reminder: This is all on live TV.)

Kennedy finally pulls it together, and throws to an interview with Shannon Elizabeth — only the cameras remain on the befuddled Kennedy. When producers finally show the correct camera, Elizabeth is interrupt midsentence by a Carl’s Jr. commercial.

Another camera error is followed by dead air, unintentionally abbreviated footage from Kennedy’s stand-up, and Kennedy urging a black woman to “try white, because it will keep your [lady parts] very tight.” After which he belatedly yells, “Bleep that! Bleep that!” (Remember: live TV.)

The show ends as perfectly as it began, with an onstage fight.

Happy New Year!

Posted by:dmoorhouse