crushworthy space cadets TV's Most Crushworthy Space Cadets: Nathan Fillion? Felicia Day? Katee Sackhoff? Vote now!We’ve all had crushes on TV characters. In fact, we’ve all had a number of “discussions” about who’s the hottest in the Zap2it offices. If you’re a science fiction fan, now you have a chance to make your voice heard. Vote in our “TV’s Most Crushworthy” poll and see your favorite hottie take the top prize.

This time around, we’re talking about Space Cadets. Literally, people who have been in space, not dopey characters. Hmm, maybe we should do those too. Anyway, we’ve got quite a list for you. Who do you want to see take the top prize? We’ve got the Queen of the Geeks, Captain Tight Pants, cylons and more.

Vote for your favorite and head over to our “TV’s Most Crushworthy” page to check out all the categories.

Posted by:jbusch