Kristen Stewart rocked her new red hair on David Letterman‘s show Monday (June 28). but all Dave wanted to talk about was her pet wolves. Yes, that’s right, pet wolves. And we’re not talking Taylor Lautner.

]]>ewww. Clearly, he isn’t aware of the wildly popular raw food diet for dogs and that meaty bones are high on the menu. When he goes off on a tirade about the danger of owning wolves, she explains that she often cooks for them. And when he talks about hunters shooting wolves in the wild, he goes too far and she exclaims, “What are you trying do to me, man?”  and fires back with an anti-hunting wolves backlash.  Good for you, K-Stew. Jeez, Dave. All we really wanted to know was why she dyed her hair red and if she’s living with Robert Pattinson. Is that so hard? Seriously, Dave. Get with the “Twilight” program. So what do you think of her light red choppy bob vs her long brown Bella do?  We’re loving it and guessing it’s probably for her role in “On the Road,” based on Jack Kerouac‘s classic beatnik book that she’s now in Beatnik Boot Camp for. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news Video credit:

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead