robert pattison simpsons 'Twilight' gets 'The Simpsons' treatment with cartoon Robert Pattinson, Daniel Radcliffe

“The Simpsons” offers up its 21st “Treehouse of Horror” special on Nov. 7 — the week after Halloween, despite the holiday actually falling on a Sunday — and this year, the series salutes “Twilight.”

FOX has a teaser image from the short in question, “Tweenlight,” and it’s more or less what you’d expect from a Simpson-ized Robert Pattinson.

But the references to British heartthrobs don’t end there. Pattinson isn’t actually participating in the episode, so the series tapped “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe to do the voice work.

Radcliffe plays Springfield’s mysterious new student, Edmund, who strikes up a relationship with Lisa before she quickly realizes he’s a vampire. They run away to “Dracula-la Land” (Ok, you’re losing us now), where Homer follows to make sure she doesn’t turn into a vampire herself.

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credit: FOX

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell