Kristen Stewart is already being asked about her upcoming wedding plans with Robert Pattinson. No, not in real life. For “Breaking Dawn,” people!

Stephanie [Meyer] is absolutely in charge of that,” she told reporters at the film’s press junket on Saturday (June 12). “I’m sure she has really specific ideas. I haven’t really thought about it but I feel like she would definitely want something classic, simple but beautiful.”

]]>Dish Rag predicts it’s going to become the most copied wedding gown in history, given the ginormous female fan base for “The Twilight Saga.”  “She [Bella] doesn’t want to get married and because it means so much to Edward, and since she’s gonna go ahead and go through with it, she’s gonna give him everything, like a beautiful monumental wedding because he wants it so badly. Which exactly the opposite. Usually the girl wants it. I think that’s cute.” About her ‘Twilight” dad, played by Billy Burke: “He’s very no B.S. and obviously as an actor, that’s what you need… He understands the Charlie/Bella dynamic, which is not a normal father/daughter relationship.” Stewart loves the “gradual trust thing” that happens between them in the films: “He doesn’t force it. It’s not ever creepy. It gets weird when some guy is playing your dad and it doesn’t feel real to you and it feels like they’re forcing sentiment. I never feel that way with Billy.” What do you think Bella’s gown should look like? How do you picture it? Follow Zap2it and follow Zap2it on Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz Video credit: Elizabeth Snead

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