stepheniemeyer twilight 290 'Twilight: New Moon' author Stephenie Meyer may 'Host' movie audiencesStephenie Meyer, author of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” just can’t make love easy for her characters.

The rights to Meyer’s 2008 novel “The Host,” a love story involving humans possessed by aliens, have been picked up by producers Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz and Nick Wechsler as a potential follow-up to her successful “Twilight” books and movies, according to Variety. No studio is attached yet, though “Lord of War” director Andrew Niccol‘s name is being mentioned as screenwriter and director.

“The Host” follows Chicagoan Melanie Stryder who, in a world where humans are implanted with seemingly benevolent alien bugs, resists the control of her parasite, dubbed The Wanderer. Melanie sets off to Arizona to find her family and boyfriend, who are members of an anti-alien resistance; once there, Wanderer also falls in love with the boy. Awkward!

Meyer’s latest movie endeavour, “New Moon,” opens in theaters Nov. 20.

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Posted by:Andy Grieser