melissa rosenberg gi 320 'Twilight' screenwriter tackles superheroes for ABC“Twilight” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is returning to her TV roots to develop a show for ABC about an ex-superhero.

Rosenberg is writing and executive producing a drama called “AKA Jessica Jones,” Variety reports. It’s about a former superhero who trades in that life for what she hopes is a more normal one as a private detective. She finds that it’s not that easy to leave that world behind, however.

The project is based on a comic series called “Alias,” which was released around the same time as ABC’s show of the same name but has no connection to it. For obvious reasons, Rosenberg’s project won’t carry the comic’s title.

The comic was published between 2001 and ’04 and followed Jessica Jones — whose superhero identity was “Jewel” — as she worked on cases involving superheroes and normal humans alike. It was part of Marvel’s more adult-oriented MAX imprint, although presumably some of the R-rated material in the comic will be toned down for a broadcast network.

Brian Michael Bendis, who co-created the comic, is serving as a consultant on the project. It’s part of ABC’s development roster for the fall; the network is also working on an Incredible Hulk series with Marvel, which Disney acquired at the end of 2009.

Rosenberg is a TV veteran and even has a little experience writing a superhero show — she worked on The WB’s “Birds of Prey” in 2002-03. In addition to writing the scripts for all the “Twilight” movies, she’s also worked as a writer and producer on “Dexter,” “The O.C.” and “Dark Skies.”

Posted by:Rick Porter