twinkies comeback july Twinkies returning with a longer shelf life, may be frozen

When Twinkies make their way back onto store shelves and Hostess fans rejoice, they will be more or less just as they were before the company went belly up. However, one change to the Twinkie formula is important to note.
Instead of the traditional 26-day shelf life, Twinkies will now be good for 45 days, the Associated Press reports. That’s quite a jump, but actually something Hostess was working on before they went bankrupt, according to spokeswoman Hannah Arnold. She says the company introduced the longer-lasting cakes on November 1, 2012, but production stopped weeks later.
The company also plans to begin freezing some of its cakes before delivering them to stores, allowing the retailers who request them to use their own expiration dates. Hostess says freezing won’t ruin the flavor of the treats, though they aren’t saying which retailers have requested them.
Expect Twinkies to reappear in stores on July 15.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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