denise richards twisted abc family 'Twisted': Denise Richards previews new ABC Family mystery, talks playing mom of a teenagerWhen “Twisted” premieres on ABC Family on Tuesday (June 11), viewers are in for another dark murder mystery in the vein of network hits “Pretty Little Liars” and “The Lying Game.” An added bonus? Denise Richards in the role of main character Danny Desai’s mom.

The series tells the story of 16-year-old Danny (played by Avan Jogia, “Victorious”), returning home from a five-year stint in juvenile detention after murdering his aunt with a jump rope at age 11. Danny’s welcome home isn’t exactly warm and, though he tries to reunite with his two former best friends (played by Maddie Hasson and Kylie Bunbury), he find himself the prime suspect when a fellow student turns up dead.

Richards, playing former socialite Karen, recently spoke with reporters about just what it was that drew her to the role. “You know what … I loved all the roles and I think that Adam (Milch, creator) has done such a tremendous job in developing each character,” she explains. “Everyone is so specific and very different, and everyone’s got a lot of dimension to them, and that attracted me just on a whole as this with every single character was very different … And for myself, I think it’s – I’ve never played anyone like this, and I love the relationship between my character and Avan and there’s a lot there I think.”

The actress praised the network for taking a chance on the risque series, though she admits she won’t be showing it to her children anytime soon. “Quite frankly, when I first heard that this script was for ABC Family, and then I started to read it, it was nothing what I expected them to do,” she says. “Honestly, it is so different and very edgy … I love that they want to do something different … and I love that they’re taking a risk and they want to do something edgy and different and something little sexier, and so I think it’s great, but it is not for my children.”

As for how she’s handling playing the mother of a teenager (a first in her career), she admits it took some getting used to. “First of all, I thought they made mistake, and I’m way too young. Then I thought okay, I probably could, and then I thought maybe I’m his step-mom because we look nothing alike … I have a teenage nephew that I kind of, you know, I’m able to relate, but obviously it’s very different than having little kids.”

“Twisted” premieres Tuesday, June 11 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

Posted by:Billy Nilles