download 'Two and a Half Men': Ashton Kutcher debuts as Walden Schmidt; Charlie Sheen's character deadAfter months of anticipation, hype and a leaked story lines, Ashton Kutcher finally made his Two and a Half Men debut Monday (Sept. 19) as the unlucky-in-love billionaire Walden Schmidt.

Kutcher joined the highly-rated sitcom after Charlie Sheen’s well-publicized meltdown and subsequent firing.

Since Kutcher was announced as Sheen’s replacement, the gossip mill has been going into overdrive about the show. Fans want to know what is Charlie Harper’s fate and how will Kutcher enter the series.

Following is a collection of the best leaked story lines and other nuggets relating to the Monday’s premiere. The only question is, how accurate were they?

Here are your answers… 

[Spoiler Alert]

Charlie is dead.
Well, this was kind of an easy one. Chuck Lorre basically acknowledged this in a TV Guide interview that Sheen’s character is killed off. But you never know with these TV folks. Unless you see the body, there’s always a way.
Charlie dies after falling/being pushed in front of a Paris subway car by Rose. The term “meat explosion” may be used to describe the gruesome nature of his death.
Pretty darn close. Rose and Charlie got married and ran off to Paris. While on their honeymoon, Rose returned from a shopping trip to find Charlie in the shower with another woman. She then explains that not long after, Charlie fell in front of a subway car and “his body just exploded like a balloon full of meat.”

Charlie’s funeral will be attended by many of his ex girlfriends including Courtney (Jenny McCarthy).
Yes and yes. McCarthy was there as was Teri Hatcher, Jeri Ryan and a bevy of other beauties. Expect to see more of McCarthy as she’s scheduled for a multi-episode arc where she attempts to fleece Schmidt of some of his billions.
John Stamos, once considered a replacement for Sheen on the series, will speak at the on-screen funeral.
Wrong. Stamos came in for the open house, realized it was Charlie’s house and left.

With Charlie’s Malibu beach house up for sale, many potential buyers will come through looking to buy. Visitors will include Kutcher, real-life celebrities and characters from Chuck Lorre’s other show, “The Big Bang Theory.”
Sort of. Charlie was over-leveraged on his home loan, so they need to sell the house. Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson from Lorre’s old show “Dharma & Greg” stop by to look. The crew from “The Big Bang Theory” chose to stay in Pasadena. Kutcher doesn’t enter the story as a buyer, but…well…see the point below.
Walden Schmidt is suicidal and Alan (Jon Cryer) is there to help.
Kutcher himself said this during an appearance on David Letterman. So yes. Schmidt attempts to drown himself in the Pacific Ocean just outside the beach house, but he finds the water is too cold. So he crawls up the same balcony that Rose has shinnied up so many times before and enters the series.
The only question no one knows the answer to yet, is whether the Ashton Kutcher experiment will work. Time will tell.
Posted by:David Eckstein