new two and a half men cbs 'Two and a Half Men' finale: Was Ashton Kutcher's first season a success?It’s been a remarkable season for “Two and a Half Men.” It started off with the great unknown experiment of rebuilding a show with a new lead character in Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) and dealing with completely different dynamics. It ended with a series that will likely finish the season in eleventh place, averaging 15 million weekly viewers. Not bad.

As for the finale, we see that Jake (Angus T. Jones) and Eldridge (Graham Patrick Martin) are completely, and not surprisingly, incapable when put into any position of responsibility. When they download too much porn, it breaks the computer system at Walden’s new company. This leads them to the only logical (in their mind) solution for their future, join the Army. This looks to be a decision that will come back to haunt them.

But the finale really takes a back seat to the bigger issue of remaking the show. Producers were able to, with a few hiccups of course, transition the comedy to a greater ensemble program. Helping to shoulder that load were Jon Cryer and Jones. It is this transition that helped “Two and a Half Men” leverage the initial curiosity about Kutcher and turn it into a long-term ratings success. This is precisely the reason the show secured an additional season.

But not everyone is a fan of the new version of the series. For better or worse, some people liked what EP Chuck Lorre called the “bimbo of the week” approach. The program thrived when Charlie Sheen led this iteration, but with Sheen out, drastic change was needed.

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Posted by:David Eckstein