two and a half men alan walden married 'Two and a Half Men' final season: Walden and Alan are getting married. Wait, what?“Two and a Half Men” is not going to go quietly into sitcom retirement.

CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler shared a key story point from the show’s final season with reporters Thursday (July 17) at the summer TV press tour, and it’s … something. Tassler explains:

“Walden [Ashton Kutcher] is going to have a major health scare, and it’s going to give him a little bit of an existential crisis. He wants to find a way to add more meaning to his life, so he decides he wants to adopt a child.

“In doing so, he starts the process and he realizes it’s very difficult to adopt a child as a single, straight man. So once and for all he decides I’m going to propose to Alan [Jon Cryer], we’re going to get married and we’re going to adopt a child as a gay couple. That’s going to start the season on ‘Two and a Half Men,’ and I think we’re off to a great ride.”

Tassler says she doesn’t see the story as a jibe at the LGBT community, instead seeing it as a “positive statement.”

“In a universe where at one point you couldn’t do that and now you can do that, I think that’s a much more positive statement that [creator Chuck Lorre] is making,” Tassler says.

The 12th and final season of “Two and a Half Men” is set to premiere Oct. 30 on CBS.

Posted by:Rick Porter