cryer busey cbs 'Two and a Half Men': The best surprise is no surpriseDeus ex machina is a Latin term that translates into English as “Jump the Shark.” Actually that’s not true, but it might as well when you’re talking about Monday’s (Nov. 14) episode of “Two and a Half Men.”

When we left off, Alan (Jon Cryer) checked into a mental hospital as he was having trouble coping with Charlie’s death. Well, Alan’s out and ready to take us for a ride.

[Spoiler Alert?]

On a dark and stormy night, a tornado uproots the Malibu beach house hurtling it skyward. It ultimately lands miles away, killing Walden (Ashton Kutcher) and Jake (Angus T. Jones) and coincidentally crushing Evelyn’s (Holland Taylor) home with her in it. With both residences rendered uninhabitable and nowhere else to go, a newly released Alan figures he can seek momentary lodging with his ex-wife Judith.

When he arrives at Judith’s place, he sees the light on inside. Since it’s still raining, he figures there’s no harm in letting himself in. He hears the shower and decides it’s best to let his ex-wife know he’s there. So he walks into the bathroom to alert her. He gets to the shower door and opens it. And in a shocker of all shockers it’s…Charlie!

“Good morning,” Charlie says with a smile.

“But, but, but,” Alan stammers.

“Yeah. I know. It’s my butt. Now would you hand me a towel,” Charlie demands.

Alan faints, bonks his head and is out cold. And when he finally comes to, he’s laying in bed alongside Suzanne Pleshette.

Ok. None of this really happened, but neither did any of the stuff on the show. It was an extended dream sequence that Alan imagined while locked up in the mental hospital. There was no unintended pregnancy, the cheating girlfriend, the IRS audit or shooting. None of it happened.

It was all a dream. A very bad dream.

Posted by:David Eckstein