tyler perry gone girl gi Tyler Perry, maybe Neil Patrick Harris join 'Gone Girl'

The “Gone Girl” cast has been decided. In addition to Rosamund Pike as Amy and Ben Affleck as Nick, the roles of attorney Tanner Bolt, Nick’s sister Margo, and the two detectives Rhonda Boney and Jim Gilpin have been cast.

According to Deadline, Tyler Perry will play Tanner, Carrie Coon will play Go, Kim Dickens will play Rhonda and Patrick Fugit will play Jim. Meanwhile, Neil Patrick Harris is close to completing a deal to play Amy’s old boyfriend Desi Collins.

There are still some parts left to be cast. Unmentioned in the Deadline report are Andie, Amy’s parents Marybeth and Rand Elliot, Amy’s ex Tommy O’Hara, Amy’s old friend/stalker Hilary Handy, reporter Rebecca, and the two people Amy meets named Greta and Jeff. It seems likely that some other big names will be drawn for at least a couple of those roles as well.

Directed by David Fincher, “Gone Girl” is due in theaters in 2015.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz