anderson-silva-broken-leg-UFC-168.jpgDuring the Ultimate Fighting Championships, Anderson Silva had only lost one fight up until now — to Chris Weidman, back in July when Weidman knocked out Silva in a fight when Silva was doing what some would call showing off.

Saturday (Dec. 28) the fight ended with a much more gruesome outcome. Silva was defeated by Weidman when, roughly 90 seconds into the second round, Silva kicked against Weidman and Weidman blocked. But the block resulted in a broken leg for Silva. Many on Twitter were calling it the most gruesome UFC injury of all time.

Weidman said after the match, “The goal is to get your knee up and allow them to make contact with
their shin right there. As soon as he hit me with that kick and moved
backwards I knew right away. There’s no real excitement in a fight
finishing like that because you never want to see anyone get hurt like

There is speculation that this will end Silva’s career. Video below, but be warned — it’s gruesome. The injury is reminiscent of Joe Theismann‘s break during Monday Night Football nearly 30 years ago or Kevin Ware’s injury during March Madness earlier this year.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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