twitter bones jones UFC fighter Jon 'Bones' Jones takes down robber, tweets a pictureOK, this story is totally awesomesauce.

TMZ first reported that UFC fighter Jon “Bones” Jones subdued a robber with one of his fighting moves at a park in Patterson, New Jersey. Jones later took to his Twitter to confirm the story. He also did us a solid and posted a picture. What a guy!

Jones was preparing for his huge fight tonight (Mar.19) against Shogun Rua by meditating in a park when he heard a woman scream, “I’ve been robbed!” Jones chased the man for a while and when he caught up with him he knocked the guy’s legs out from under him before placing him in a figure-four leg lock. Jones then returned the GPS device the man stole to the woman

Jones told TMZ, “It was a great pre-fight warm-up for me!” He later tweeted, “I caught him… coach Jackson finished him. It feels so good to help others. It gives me power and energy.”

A little bit later, he updated his followers, tweeting, “The captain of the Patterson police department just called greg to Thank/congratulate us on a job well done.”

So remember robbers, next time you try to rob someone in a park, a UFC fighter could be waiting to take you out.

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