There’s drama brewing in the UFC, and it’s over a match that probably won’t even happen. Dana White, UFC President, has openly talked about how he thinks Gina Carano will return to fight for his company and the most likely candidate for an opponent seems to be Ronda Rousey.
That doesn’t sit well with Miesha Tate, another UFC fighter. During an interview with MMA Junkie Radio, Tate calls the idea of Carano getting a shot at Rousey, the Female Bantamweight Champion, “a joke.”
“If Gina is serious about making her comeback, which is what I’m hearing, then I think I would be the perfect person for her to step in to fight again,” Tate says. “I think it kind of makes a mockery of women’s MMA to have someone who’s been out for five years, and it’s been five-and-a-half since her last victory, to come in and say she’s a quality number-one contender. I don’t understand that.”

Whether she’s qualified or not, Carano’s name would certainly bring a lot of marquee value to UFC. After leaving MMA fighting, she made a splash in movies, including a high-profile role in “Fast & Furious 6.”
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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