uk skins new trailer series 5 e4 U.K. 'Skins' new trailer: American parents should send MTV thank you cards

“Skins” is just the latest show that’s throwing advertisers and parental watchdog groups into fits over sexual and drug content. 
Of course, the viewers may have already voted on the series when half of its premiere audience didn’t show up to watch Episode 2.
Meanwhile, the much more racy U.K. version (which would make the PTC’s heads explode according to our British friends) just premiered its fifth season on Britain’s E4 channel. Fans of the British series already know that MTV’s version shies away from the original in more than just sex and drugs.
In the Series 5 trailer (as THR points out), a couple teens have guns, another strips, and the party rages on:

Have you compared the original to MTV’s version yet?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog