under the dome dean norris cbs 'Under the Dome' Season 2: Dean Norris thinks Big Jim may have daddy issues
Zap2it: How has your character changed on this season of “Under the Dome”?
Dean Norris: We’re getting a newer, kinder Big Jim this year. We’re looking at a kind of transformed Big Jim. They’re going to force him to look back at some of his past evil deeds, in an Ebenezer Scrooge fashion, when he is visited by the ghost of his past. He’s haunted, and I think during that time he starts to realize that maybe he wasn’t going about things the right way. That doesn’t mean that he’s lost the snake inside him altogether. But you’ll see him trying to figure out exactly what his place is and what his relationship to the Dome is.
Zap2it: Is Big Jim driven mainly by a hunger for power?
Dean Norris: Most politicians are already very rich. They put up with all these intrusions on their time and people poking into their personal business and for what? They don’t need more money. It’s all about the power. Kissinger always said that power is the greatest aphrodisiac. Big Jim is just repositioning it this year in terms of how he uses it.

Zap2it: Do you think Big Jim has daddy issues of his own?

Dean Norris: I think he might have. Maybe that’s one of the reasons he hasn’t been a good father to Junior, because he doesn’t really understand what being a good dad is all about. That’s one of the most interesting things about Big Jim. As many evil things as he has done, he genuinely loves his son.
Posted by:John Crook