under the dome reconciliation tunnel 'Under the Dome': Deus ex Andrea and a mysterious tunnel in 'Reconciliation'The latest “Under the Dome” episode resolves the town’s food crisis and puts Big Jim back on the street — the better to do as much damage as possible.

Crisis of the Week

The crisis that gets averted this week is the lack of food. With the town divided over Big Jim’s actions, a rabble gets roused at the town meeting to decide their fates and Jim’s lackey Phil Bushey shoots a rabble-rouser named Wendell. RIP, Wendell.

Julia fires Phil Bushey as sheriff because she’s in charge now, so Phil, because he is a weird, easily manipulated child this season, blows up her food drive in an effort to frame Julia for destroying the town’s remaining food supply.

But the jig is up when Carolyn finds where he secretly stashed the food and he attacks her, only to be shot in the shoulder by Barbie. Now everybody knows Julia is innocent and everything thinks Phil is a psycho, though we’re sure Jim actually put Phil up to the explosion and Rebecca tried to stay out of it, despite having overheard the plans.

Meanwhile, it turns out Andrea Grinnell was married to a survivalist, who left her with stores of food as far as the eye can see, so Chester’s Mill is fed for the next couple months. Julia magnanimously lets Big Jim and Rebecca go and everybody’s happy.

Except negative Norrie, who at least this week has something to be negative about — her boyfriend Joe kissed Melanie.

The Dome Mythology

It turns out Sam Verdreaux killed Angie because according to his deranged sister’s rantings, killing one of the four hands would bring the dome down. When that didn’t work, he decided he had to kill all four hands, the identities of which Junior spilled to him (because Junior has no reason not to trust his uncle).

But it is exactly this blind trust and love that means Sam can’t bring himself to kill Junior. Instead, they work together to unravel Pauline’s Da Vinci Code and uncover a mysterious tunnel that originates from the magical locker in the school where Angie died. What’s down there in addition to the only-on-for-two-episodes Dwight Yoakam? Hogwarts? One-Eyed Willie’s pirate ship? Stephen King’s book, to which this show no longer bears even a passing resemblance? We’ll find out next week (maybe).

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