under the dome exigent circumstances 'Under the Dome': 'Exigent Circumstances' sees Dale Barbara going on 'trial'“Under the Dome” has gotten pretty exciting the last couple episodes. Read on to find out what we can look forward to going into the season finale next week.

We’ll confess — the show has been a bit of a slow burn, especially compared to the book. Now, the book covers less than a week, so obviously a show that is going to at least have a second season has to last longer than that. So, at times, the show has been a little slow, a little meandering, a little ridiculous (we still can’t get over that appliance truck that crashed into the water tower — what was it DOING on the road? Refrigerator emergency?)

However, last week and this week have more than made up for some of the slower offerings this summer. Big Jim is morphing into the villain we know him to be from the novel and it’s been delicious to watch.

This week, Big Jim rallied up a group to hunt down Barbie, in the process learning about the mini-dome and its egg from Dodee. Her radio equipment also overhears that the military knowks about the egg, can track it, and says Barbie is the only one with the know-how to work with it. But these snatches of radio chatter also reveal to her, in front of Big Jim, that Big Jim killed Rev. Coggins and Big Jim shoots Dodee and torches the radio station.

When Big Jim can’t locate the egg, because smarty-pants Carolyn and the Scooby Gang hide it at Shaggy’s Benny’s house, he arrests the kids for “obstruction of justice.”

Barbie, meanwhile, is trying to save Julia because she’s the only one who can prove his innocence. He and Angie stage a heist at the hospital, stealing Julie right out from Junior’s nose. But Barbie lets himself be arrested so that Angie can get Julia hidden.

Now Barbie’s on “trial” on the courthouse steps via Big Jim’s authority. Raise your hand if you think this sees the inside of a courtroom?

The show has masterfully handled Big Jim morphing from good guy to bad guy. We even saw on Twitter during the show that some people are still rooting for him, which we see mostly as a testament to Dean Norris‘ acting.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out next week, since the show is coming back, which means the dome can’t come down and Big Jim can’t die, because then what would we do for interesting storylines?

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • The only thing we wish the show would have done with this episode is have Big Jim plant the people in the audience in the diner who were shouting about house searches and how normal U.S. rights do not apply. He did that in the book — he set up scenarios where he “had” to enact martial law. Maybe that’ll crop up in Season 2.
  • We could’ve done without the sappy moment where Barbie tells Julia he loves her. No time, dude! Get her out of there!
  • Love the Carolyn-Norrie relationship now that Alice is gone. We hope to see more of that. We also love Aisha Hinds as Carolyn, what a great character.
  • Speaking of great characters, what a great send-off for Dodee. She stood up. She knew she was going to die and she told Big Jim what an a-hole he is while tears streamed down her face. Terrific ending for her and kudos to Jolene Purdy for that scene.

What did you think of “Exigent Circumstances”?

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