under the dome curtains season finale 'Under the Dome' finale: Is it 'Curtains' for Dale 'Barbie' Barbara?When we last left the people of Chester’s Mill who are trapped “Under the Dome,” Big Jim was bringing the hammer down on the mini-domers and Barbie stood accused of murder.

In the finale, Big Jim starts to evolve from his BMOC complex to an out-right God complex, preying on the townspeople’s fears that it’s the end times when the butterfly emerges and the domes (mini and big) go black.

As the kids scramble to hide the mini-dome and see what it tells them to do, it explodes and seemingly crowns Julia Shumway as the monarch. A spectre of Alice, which is really one of the people or things who put the dome in place (aliens?), appears and tells them they have to protect the egg or it’s curtains for all of them. She also says the big dome was sent to protect them, but she won’t say from what.

Barbie is put on some gallows by Big Jim and Junior (those went up awfully fast) to “pay the ultimate price” for his crimes and Julia seemingly chooses the greater good over Barbie’s life, choosing to protect the egg rather than hand it over to Big Jim to try to save Barbie.

When the egg is dropped in to East Lake by Julia, the pink stars shoot upwards and un-blacken the big dome. Big Jim, never missing an opportunity to gain followers, praises the good Lord for this sign and urges Junior to send Barbie plummeting to his death.

And that’s the end.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • It’s interesting how Big Jim had never heard anyone talk about the pink stars during one of their seizures, hence his first time of hearing that in tonight’s episode. We had never really thought about it. But he recognizes it as something his wife Pauline said in the months before she killed herself. Hopefully the show finds a way to explore that some more — what did she know, exactly?
  • Unfortunately, this revelation about Pauline’s sayings and paintings has Linda drinking even more of the Big Jim Kool-Aid, convinced that he is “important” to the town and its survival.
  • We wouldn’t get too worried about Barbie, gang. We suspect he’ll be fine.
  • Nice touch with Julia being the monarch. That makes sense, plus the red-orange hair does look like the color of a monarch butterfly.
  • Do you think the dome was sent by aliens? Is that what spectre Alice meant to you? Stephen King and the creators have said the show is different from the book, so we’re curious how this plays out.

What did you think of the “Under the Dome” season finale?

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