under the dome the fourth hand natalie zea 'Under the Dome': Julia's 'shocking' reaction to Maxine and a season finale tease“Under the Dome” is about to start the last one-third of its first season, with the final episodes airing over the next five weeks. Next week’s episode, titled “The Fourth Hand,” sees the introduction of a heretofore unseen dome resident named Maxine, played by Natalie Zea (“The Following,” “Justified”).

The episode description tells us that Maxine is a mutual acquaintance of Big Jim and Barbie and her relationship to Barbie is there on the show already — if you know where to look, executive producer Neal Baer tells Zap2it.

“I would say if you go back to the first episode of the season and
rewatch it, you may put together the pieces. It’s all there, you just
have to look for it,” says Baer. We posit a theory to him off the top of our head and he laughs and says, “You’re so smart. Yes, you’re correct.”

But we aren’t telling what it is! You’ll have to figure that out for yourselves.

One thing you might be wondering about is just where Maxine has been hiding since the dome came down. Baer tells us she’s a “real estate mogul” in Chester’s Mill and has been “living in a house that was empty because the people who live there were caught outside the dome when the dome came down.”

As for Maxine’s connection with Barbie, we wonder how she will be received by Julia Shumway, with whom Barbie is currently involved. To this, Baer chuckles again and says, “You will definitely see [Julia’s reaction to Maxine] on full display next week. And it’s quite shocking.”

angie britt robertson under the dome 'Under the Dome': Julia's 'shocking' reaction to Maxine and a season finale teaseAnother development coming our way in “The Fourth Hand” is finding out there’s someone else connected to the egg at the center of the dome.

“They showed Angie having a seizure [in the previews], yes? Well, there you go. There’s going to be an obvious connection between Angie and Joe and Norrie,” says Baer. He also teases for us that the answers are going to start coming fast and furious in the final five episodes, including whether the egg is the origin of the dome or if the dome is some kind of protection for the egg (or both).

“We will definitely answer that question. That’s an obvious, big question for the series and we will get into that,” says Baer. “The last episode will be quite revealing.”

As for whether the dome is a sentient being, Baer says he’ll “leave that to the fans to hash out,” but adds that “there are more shocking, wonderful things in store in several episodes coming up that will also speak to that.”

Finally, Baer has clarified for us the titles of the final couple episodes. The penultimate episode is called “Exigent Circumstances,” while the season finale is called “Curtains.”

“‘Curtains.’ What does that mean, what does that mean? You’ll see,” laughs Baer. “It just gets more and more fun and enticing, you’ll see soon enough.”

“Under the Dome” airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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