natalie zea dean norris under the dome 'Under the Dome': Maxine brings the Rapture to Chester's Mill“The Fourth Hand” has set several big things in motion heading towards the season finale in four weeks, so let’s dive right in to the latest episode of “Under the Dome.”

The Rapture

Linda takes down a tweaker at the site of an accidental shooting who reveals to her that Rev. Coggins was the local drug pusher, pedaling something he called “The Rapture,” so now we know the meth stand-in that the show is using versus the book.

This leads Linda to find Coggins’ ingredient list in his funeral home and realize the town’s stockpile of liquid propane was actually for the manufacture of said Rapture. She talks to Andrea Grinnell and looks at surveillance footage from the propane warehouse and sees that Duke Perkins was in on it to some degree and so was a woman whom we aren’t sure Linda knows yet.

The Woman

There’s a new sheriff in town for Big Jim and Barbie in the form of Maxine. She’s a BMOC ’round these parts who knows everyone’s secrets, it would seem. She gets Big Jim to get the town to disarm itself, which, when there was a deadly riot like five minutes ago, is no easy feat.

To do so, Big Jim goes on the radio and says he’s starting a voluntary gun-turn-in program so that they don’t have any more accidental shootings. Big Jim says his guns are being given up too, and that anyone who participates will get extra food and propane. The turn out is sizable.

Maxine’s big plan is to get everybody’s guns, then start a black market of sorts — gambling, booze, probably women at some point. Based on her talk and the previews for next week, we’re picturing “Fight Club” meets “Deadwood.”

She blackmails Big Jim and Barbie into helping her — she knows about Jim’s drug business (she’s actually the brains behind that operation) and she is also the woman Barbie was working for when he was going after Peter Shumway’s gambling debts and accidentally killed him.

EP Neal Baer has teased for us that Julia’s reaction to Maxine is going to be pretty shocking, so stay tuned for that.

The Fourth Hand

The episode gets its title from a new development in the world of the egg and mini-dome. The mini-dome disappears from the woods and reappears in Joe’s barn — and Angie says Joe moved it in the middle of the night, but he doesn’t remember doing that.

Angie’s seizure and pink stars talk has her thinking she’s obviously tied to Joe and Norrie and the egg, so the three of them touch the mini-dome and it glows blue, then illuminates a fourth handprint on the surface of the dome that is meant to be for their fourth musketeer.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day Junior was witness to Angie’s seizure (and the “pink stars” talk) and he takes her to his mom’s art studio where apparently a fourth grader broke in and did a bunch of paintings.

OK, not really, but seriously, those are terrible. Anyway, turns out Junior’s mom had a dream about him before she died where Junior was standing on a hill and there were all these pink stars and she painted it. He’s convinced this means that he and Angie are connected by some larger force at work and it makes him continue to sound completely bonkers.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We’ll confess that we had guessed Maxine was the person to whom Barbie was speaking on the phone from the pilot, but we did not expect her to be so bold as to kiss him in front of Big Jim. It’s nice to be surprised.
  • Was anyone shocked Big Jim kept a cache of weapons in his fallout shelter?
  • There’s no way Junior is the fourth dome-keteer. Who do you think it is? The previews make it look like maybe Dodee.
  • Maxine’s vision for Chester’s Mill is certainly a interesting left turn from the book. We love the idea of a wild frontier town-type thing happening, but we wonder how long that can carry on inside the dome? Is it a temporary thing? Or is Maxine a big bad who is here to stay a while?

The show is definitely shaping up to be a wild ride the next four weeks. We’re curious — what storyline interests you most, the dome itself and the seizures, Barbie vs. Big Jim, the propane, Barbie and Julia, Maxine’s impending lawlessness? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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