under the dome premiere 'Under the Dome' premiere: What did you think?“Under the Dome” premiered Monday, June 24 on CBS and we’re very curious to hear from two factions — book readers and non-book readers. Be warned — we are discussing some plot points from the book below, so if you haven’t read the book and don’t want any spoilers (whether they make it into the show or not) do not keep reading.

We’ve read the book several times, and, as fans of the book, we enjoyed the premiere episode. It captures the spirit of the book while still making enough changes to have us invested in the storylines of the series because we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen.

One particular storyline we’re intrigued by is Dale “Barbie” Barbara burying Julia Shumway’s husband in the woods before the dome descends. What is that about? That’s not in the book — Julia is single and Barbara is on his way out of town because of an altercation with Junior Rennie and his roving band of thugs in the book.

That could provide an interesting wrinkle to the copacetic relationship between Julia and Barbie from the book.

For more thoughts on the book versus the series, check out our gallery of the characters — but be warned of book spoilers.

One change we’re glad to see is that Junior Rennie is creepy and violent, but not in the way that he is in the book. It’s not that we don’t enjoy Stephen King’s twist mind, but in the book, Rennie is on a murderous rampage and then starts to have … relations with the bodies and that’s pretty icky.

This iteration of Junior Rennie will actually provide us with a lot to explore, rather than sending him straight down a dark path of necrophilia and insanity.

One change we were actually hoping the series would make would be to keep Sheriff Perkins around for a while — which is largely based on our love of Jeff Fahey from “Lost”. Unfortunately, the premiere ends with Perkins’ pacemaker exploding out of his chest just like in the book, so we fear Fahey is not long for this series. Bummer.

What did anybody think of Dean Norris as Big Jim Rennie? We didn’t want him in this role but only because we love him so dearly on “Breaking Bad” and Big Jim is so evil in “Under the Dome.” However, he’s obviously going to be terrific and we actually are relishing seeing him in this new role.

Finally, it’s interesting that the dome is sound-proof. In the book, there’s a Pentagon contact named Col. James Cox on the outside who works with Barbie and Jullia in keeping them apprised of figuring out where the dome came from. Will that still be a part of the series? How will they communicate? Just by written messages held up to the dome?

Stick with us all season — we’ll be recapping the show every week as we find out together how the show brings King’s novel to life.

And let us know what you think of the premiere in the comments below!

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