mike vogel under the dome in the dark 'Under the Dome': A Sam Barbie confrontation 'In the Dark'On the latest “Under the Dome,” some new thing threatens the people of Chester’s Mill as Barbie, Julia and the Bobbsey Twins run around like the Scooby gang, which could be the description for literally any episode of this show so far.

Crisis of the Week

First it’s magnetic dome, then it’s killer caterpillars, then food shortage and now dust storms, which will clog the air flow and suffocate all the Domers. But on the bright side, the dust storm blows Benny back on screen. He has asthma *coughcough*, so he’s just what Big Jim needs to get the townsfolk to trust him in setting up this week’s deus ex machina — a giant windmill dispersing mist into the air.

Problem solved, the town is saved. Hip hip hooray for Big Jim. Boo, hiss for Julia, who ran off to save her lover in lieu of helping out with the Crisis of the Week.

The Dome

Barbie and Sam end up caved in in the secret locker tunnel when Junior sets off Crazy Lyle’s journal explosive. Now that’s a sentence I never thought I’d type. They go spelunking together and both work out their differences and find some common ground. It’s a real bromance-in-the-making, until Barbie discovers Sam killed Angie. Not being able to live with the consequences, Sam throws himself off into the abyss that presumably swallowed up Crazy Lyle as well. On his way out, Sam gives Barbie a prophetic speech and hands over Pauline’s journal, saying Barbie will kill the four hands when he has to.

Speaking of the four hands, the Beatles with replacement fourth hand Ringo put their magical hands together at the lake and bring the precious egg up from the bottom, then they make the pink stars happen again. This time, the stars show them a giant obelisk that stands in Zenith, where Barbie and Melanie are both from.

Next week: Barbie heads into the abyss for himself. Probably to get away from Julia.

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